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NEED to recruit on a large scale in a shorter time?

JUSTONE supports you in your High Volume recruitment process.

A large-scale recruitment project does not mean we are sacrificing the quality of our candidates.

Our Team draws a suitable plan based on your exact needs in order to get the right pool of candidates.

We target efficiently, select rigorously and deliver rapidly.


Our multicultural team handles many types of bulk recruitment, for examples : Multilingual Customer Service agents, Sales persons, Banking & Collection operators, IT & Cyber Security analysts.


we make the difference! 

  • Disruptive Methods

  • On-Going Flow of candidates

  • Hand Picked Candidates

  • On Success Fee Policy

Following the waves of your company's recruitment needs, we constantly attract new talents in order to have an on-going flow of candidates. 

Our cutting-edge methods for approaching candidates guarantee that we present qualified people that you didn't hit or meet in the past.


We aim to make you save time!

After having interviewed & assess them, we deliver Hand Picked Candidates filling the requirements of the role.


On High Volume Recruitment, we collaborate on a "Success" basis, meaning that our fee will be invoiced ONLY upon placement (when you hire a candidate proposed by us).

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