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JUSTONE is a direct-approach consulting firm.

We provide headhunting / executive search services for all the positions, at all levels of seniority.

Our strategy, actions plan, determination and commitment are our strengths to identify, select and bring the right Talent to your organization.


Our successful headhunting Offer 

  • Large choice of candidates

  • Quick process 

  • Efficient Report with crucial information on candidates

  • Fee Policy focus on the ultimate goal : the Placement

We present 3-4 candidates per week, spot-on for the role, meaning monthly approximatively 12 candidates per position.


You weekly receive a progress report, including CVs and descriptions of the candidates. 

Our fee is broken down only in two installments :

  • A Search Fee, a modest amount at starting date of the search

  • A Placement Fee, upon the selected candidate’s acceptance of the job offer.

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