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You have an excess workload or a punctual need?


You need an extra Outsourced Recruiter, deeply   involved in your recruitment process.


Our expert in recruitment will join your Talent Acquisition team for a given period, and will be dedicated to your company.


in-house recruiting, the added-values

  • An Efficient Recruiter from Day 1

  • Bring Additional Competencies & Knowledges to your HR team

  • Confidentiality

  • Flexibility : Service monthly invoiced

Our recruiter will adapt to your work environment.

S/he uses your recruitment tools and processes for recruitment. 

Completely independent, s/he conducts interviews and thus brings you his/her expertise and knowledge of the market.

S/he keeps you informed of the progress of the recruitment.

Throughout the term of office, our dedicated recruiter will respect complete confidentiality with regard to the company as well as to candidates.

Our services is invoiced monthly. It gives you the flexibility to stop at any time.

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