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JUSTONE is partnered with SHL Greece & Cyprus.

SHL is the leader in online certification for professionals. A pioneer in career advancement tools for individuals since 1998.


JUSTONE gives you the opportunity to access more than 600 certification tests.


We highly recommend :

  • For all level of Seniority : the OPQ

    SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire is a popular test that measures psychological preferences for how people perceive the world and make decisions.
    Completion time : 20 minutes 

    Download OPQ Sample Report in PDF

  • For High Level Management positions : the SHL’s Executive Scenarios 

    Executive Scenarios is a unique test of Managerial Judgment - an individual’s ability to decide on effective ways of handling real life situations.
    It is specifically designed to assess judgment in Executives; a group who typically has significant work experience to draw on. It consists of hypothetical scenarios, each followed by several possible responses.
    Candidates rate the effectiveness of each response, using a 6-point scale, from highly undesirable to highly desirable. It can be used for recruitment, selection, training and development, performance management and coaching in a variety of functions and industries.
    Completion time : 30 minutes 

    Download ES Sample Report in PDF


Please find below the full catalog of assessments, evaluating various skills, ranging from levels of knowledge, aptitude, cognitive skills to behavioral.

All the main assessment are available in 37 languages.

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