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Lead Engineer

JUST ONE, on behalf of its client, a well-known Multinational Renewable Energy Company, is looking for a:

Lead Engineer

Manage the design process of the Wind and Solar PV projects in Greece in coordination with the Development and Project Management teams, providing technical support both to the development phase, the contracting and construction phase, in accordance with the directives of the head of the department and applicable regulations, to guarantee the minimization of costs, compliance with deadlines and quality requirements of the projected assets.

Create and implement best practice engineering vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve business performance and to secure the implementation of company's technical standards in a new geography.

Responsibilities :

  1. DEVELOPMENT ENGINNERING: Coordinate the preparation of technical projects for the development of Wind Farms and Solar PV plants, understanding the administrative processes ensuring compliance with the conditions established by the business units, other technical departments or external agents, to ensure maximum efficiency in the development of such projects. Select the specialized external engineering companies. Provide technical support to the development phase when required. Participate in the definition of the engineering scope of works of the development companies.

  2. TENDER ENGINNERING: Coordinate the preparation of technical packages to deliver to Procurement the engineering and the construction Request for Proposals (RfPs) of windfarms, solar PV plants and electrical interconnection infrastructure. Provide support to the Procurement Department in the clarifications and discussions with bidders and award negotiations when required, in order to guarantee the best technical-economic conditions in the awards. Participate in the clarifications and negotiations of the wind farm/solar PV plant BOP technical specifications with the different OEMs of wind turbines/solar PV main equipment, along the RfPs processes. Deliver to the Procurement Dpt. the evaluation of the selection of the different wind turbine/solar PV main equipment models in the balance of plant, evaluating the implications in CAPEX, time schedule, construction operations and operation of the project.

  3. ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION COMMON INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN: Participate in the design of the electrical infrastructure of the generation plants for the interconnection to the electric network common infrastructure with other developers/operators; prepare the required documentation for grid access and connection applications and grid code compliance; provide technical support in the consenting process.

  4. DETAILED ENGINEERING: Coordinate the preparation of the detailed engineering of the wind farm/solar PV project, including wind turbines foundations, racking structure and foundation, roads and platforms, making the needed ground studies ( topography, geotechnical), evaluating and conducting the involved engineering firms to the most efficient and appropriate designs for all the civil and electrical infrastructures of the wind farm/solar PV BOP. Schedule the steps of the design process to accommodate the detailed engineering to the needs of the tender process of the wind turbines/solar PV main equipment and the balance of plant. Participate in the review of the detailed construction engineering executed by the Construction company, ensuring the compliance with the Tender project design criteria and specifications.

  5. SPECIALIZED STUDIES COORDINATION: Coordinate and validate with other Technology Units the execution of specific key studies (collector system, reactive power compensation, foundation design, noises, or others) for its integration in the engineering project, to minimize the risk associated to the construction process.

  6. ENGINEERING TRANSVERSAL SUPPORT: Support the elaboration of the specifications for basic and executive projects that the local engineering team performs; supervise the technical adequacy. Provide technical support in the tender processes and assists local country engineering team and Purchasing Department in the adjudication negotiation to guarantee the best technical-economic conditions in the awarding. Ensure strong communication between local E&C team and Corp E&C Standards and Corp Engineering to facilitate exchange of information and in order to implement change and improvements.

  7. TECHNICAL STANDARDIZATION: Coordinate and assure the application of the common standards in the studies and projects, supervising its adaptation to applicable local regulation, in order to avoid non justified deviations or adjusting the application of technical standardization in the concerned country, applying the best practices from the wind/solar sector to ensure maximum efficiency in the Engineering, Construction and Operation of facilities. Participate with the E&C Standardization Dpt. in the Technical Standards elaboration or review. Challenging the applicability and verify and justify deviations from them, in order to assure the technical solvency and the technical-economic efficiency of the projects. Initiate and develop creative and innovative engineering processes.

  8. PROJECT HANDOVER TO CONSTRUCTION: Make an optimum transfer of projects under Engineering responsibility to the Construction unit, in order to optimize the construction start-up times, guaranteeing the coordination and technical quality in the handover of the project. Assist in the evaluation and resolution of any proposed modifications of the final engineering project raised during the construction phase, in order to ensure the preservation of the technical standards of the project.

  9. DD SUPPORT: Provide support to the due diligence process for new projects under study in the geography, assisting with the delivery of the requested engineering to can evaluate all the aspects that need to be managed for the optimum technical assessment, CapEx estimation and risk assessment.

  10. COMPANY POLICY AND LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Understand and comply with company policies, processes and procedures as well as ensuring that engineering and construction of all projects for the applicable countries are in accordance with local legislation and TSO, HEDNO and IPTO requirements, ethics, standards and good practices across the onshore wind and solar PVindustry, tender requirements, regulatory aspects and project policies.

  11. INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATION: Represent the company with relevant stakeholders, such as agencies and institutions, both public and private, in relation to matters relating to its responsibility in order to reinforce company's reputation and competency in the market and benefit the interests of the company.


  • Master of Science (Engineering or similar)

  • At least 5+ year experience in Wind projects

  • Experience in managing and supervision of engineering projects.

  • Experience in coordination of engineering teams and external engineering companies

  • Wind Farms, High Voltages Lines and Electrical Substations projects

  • Knowledge of International technical normative and local GR Normatives

The company offers:

  • Competitive Compensation package

  • Career development and growth opportunities

  • Continuous training in new technologies and tools

To apply, please send your CV at with the reference ''LE''

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